Buffalo Chicken Tenders 

Hand breaded chicken  tenders fried  & tossed in 61 hot sauce served with carrots, celery, & blue cheese or ranch dressing

61 Burger

Handcrafted Farm Fresh beef patty on an onion bun with mayo, bbq sauce, lettuce, & cheddar cheese

Fish Chowder

Baked and flaked fish, chopped bacon, red potatoes, corn, & buttered croutons

Veal Pie

Ground veal, cream gravy, topped with white beans, chopped oyster mushrooms & parmesan


Petite flatbreads, fresh mozzz with pesto, pulled lamb in tomato, & provolone-crispy cappy



Butterflied, breaded, & fried shrimp, crispy yuca, & parsley tartar sauce


Steak   GF

Sliced hanger steak, chimmichurri, & gorgonzola red potato mash

Pork   GF

Fresh bacon, sorghum balsamic glaze, fried brussels, & sweet potato mash

Trout  GF

Parchment baked GAMtn. Trout filet, green curry sauce with fresh basil


Vegetable Plate 

choose your own four sides


Side Choices

  • Creamy Local Grits
  • Petite Arugula Salad
  • Green Beans & Shiitakes
  • Pac Choy, Baby Turnips & Carrots
  • Side Salad
  • Cup of Soup


Grits Chowder

 (gf, v)


Black-Eyed Pea, Collard Green, Beef, & Pork




 with Chocolate Whip