After spending their post-college years in Charleston, South Carolina together, in 2008, Tadd & Jenna ventured to North Georgia to put down some roots and make this their home. Soon, Jasper came to be their city of choice to share their passion for the restaurant industry. This husband and wife duo, along with their dedicated family and friends took over an already existing eating establishment on historic Main Street in downtown Jasper. They made it their own by utilizing as much locally sourced products in their restaurant as possible, serving season cuisine, creative cocktails, & sustainable wines in an inviting atmosphere. They aim to make their restaurant feel more as if they are inviting the diner into their home rather than their business.


After attending Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Charleston, South Carolina, Jenna began her career by training under some of the best-known chefs in the culinary capital of the south. She then took a position as a private chef for a family and had the opportunity to travel around the world while cooking and keeping fresh ingredients at the forefront. This exposed her to the realities of our mainstream food industry and guided her to a true appreciation of “real” food.

Upon opening her restaurant, 61 Main, she decided to go back to the basics by staying local. The goal for 61 Main is to limit the impact they make on the environment with less flying, driving, and fuel consumption by using the bounty from here in Jasper and its neighboring communities.

Over the past nine years as chef and owner of 61 Main, the importance of the commitment to “keeping it local” has become more evident. With the rise of societies awareness of what we fuel our bodies with, the concept Jenna introduced to this area has really caught on and with that the success of her operation. She and her staff make daily strides to work as closely with the local farmers and artisans in their menu planning to ensure utilization of product that is in season and how to make use of what is most abundant. The common chef builds a shopping list from their menu, while Jenna and her team create around what their farmers bring to them. Jenna feels it is her responsibility and utmost importance to serve people food they can trust!