61 Main To-Go Menu – Monday, 4/27

1pm – 5pm
Call 706-253-7289 or Click Here for Online Ordering


Frozen Pints/Quarts of:  Vegetable Quinoa (v,gf) OR Ham & Lentil (gf) – 50% off!!


Cold Options – Pints $10/Quarts $20

Soups:    Potato, Cabbage, & Ramp (v,gf) OR Thai Coconut Chicken (gf)

Mac n’ Cheese


10 oz = $10 ~ 20 oz = $20

Chicken Salad

Pimento Cheese


Take-Home Meals: $10 includes tax and choice of side

Chicken Tenders w/Hot Sauce or Dressing

Today’s Special:  Chicken Sausage Cassoulet

Today’s Sandwich/Wrap:  Turkey-Ranch Wrap – Flour Tortilla, Spring mix, Crispy Salami, Grated White Cheddar

Today’s Salad:  Spring Mix, Boiled Farm Egg, Bacon, Toasted Ga Pecans, Red Onion, Grape Tomatoes, Chevre, Choice of Dressing


Side Options ($3 a la carte):    Greek Pasta Salad OR Stewed Tomatoes w/Limas


Dessert of the day ($3):  Vanilla Creme Brulee OR Chocolate Peanut Butter Parfait

v-vegetarian, gf-gluten free