Buffalo Chicken Tenders 

Hand breaded chicken  tenders fried  & tossed in 61 hot sauce served with carrots, celery, & blue cheese or ranch dressing

61 Bunless Burger

Handcrafted Farm Fresh burger on a bed of broccoli slaw with sliced tomatoes, shaved red onion, & cream gravy


Grilled shrimp kebab with a marmalade glaze served over rice-orzo pilaf


Baked cod filet, local ginger-chili sauce, & pickled ginger topping


Orchiette pasta, basil cream, parmesan, & roasted red peppers

Wings  GF

Rosemary cider & sorghum glazed and baked duck wings, chicken drumette, & fried yuca with crumbled gorgonzola


Beef  GF

Beef roast slow cooked with

figs & red wine


Pork  GF

Marinated and baked local pork loin thin sliced and served with confit lentils & black eyed peas

Trout  GF

Melt:  baked & flaked GA Mtn. trout with capers, brown butter, cilantro topped with manchengo cheese

Vegetable Plate 

choose your own four sides

Side Choices

  • Creamy Local Grits
  • Kale, Baby Turnips, & Peppers
  • Brussels with Yellow Beans
  • Side Salad
  • Cup of Soup


Black Eyed Pea

 (gf, v)


Duck Soup



Pear-Apple-Cherry Upside-down Cake