Fried Green and Egg Sandwich

Fried Green Tomato, Chopped Bacon, Farm Egg,

& Provolone on a croissant




French Toast Bread Pudding, Maple Ham Slices,

& Sweet-Savory Peach Salsa




Caramelized Onion-Pulled Pork Baked Grits, Scrambled Farm Eggs, Goats Cheese, & Buttered Baquette




Chicken Melt:  balsamic marinated and grilled sliced chicken tenderloin with local tomatoes & melted cheddar on an English muffin with basil mayo served with cucumber gazpacho



Seasonal Salad

B.L.T. & Egg:  artisan lettuce, marinated local cherry tomatoes, fried farm egg, & bacon slices



Brunch Special

Omelet:  lamb ragu & cumberland tomme cheese served with a petite honey biscuit