*The CDC has issued a recall on all Romaine Lettuce in the US and Canada.

All romaine lettuce is being sequestered and not fit for consumption.*

  •                                                                             –as of 11/21 we will not be serving caesar salads until we are informed it is safe
  •                                                                              – we will still offer caesar dressing with your choice of salad
  •                                                                               –  we will automatically substitute locally grown kale in our chicken caesar wrap
  •                                                                      -we will only use local bibb lettuce for sandwiches

***Please note: We will be closed Thursday, November 22nd in Observance of Thanksgiving.***

Lunch Special

Our hand crafted trout and potato cake topped with sliced tomato & melted cheddar served on a croissant with arugula & a lemon aioli.

With choice of side.

$10 includes beverage and tax


Sweet Potato Chowder (gf, v)


Pork Sausage and Rice (gf)


Side of the Day:

Corn, Butter Peas, & Greens (v,gf)

v-vegetarian, gf – gluten free