Saturday – May 12, 2018


Fried Green and Egg Sandwich

Fried Green Tomato, Bacon, Farm Egg,

& Provolone on Sourdough Toast



Something Sweet & Savory

PBJ & Bacon:  chocolate chip peanut butter blondie, fried farm egg, local strawberry-coconut glazed fresh bacon



*the below items are also served with 61 cinna-hawaiian roll*


Today’s Quiche

Thin sliced potato duo, cheddar, provolone, bbq local lamb, & pickle-mustard topping


61 Omelet

Chopped salami & red onions with crumbled sausage, local spinach, & gorgonzola



Savory Breakfast

Surf & Turf:  white sweet potato wedges, scrambled farm eggs with chopped steak, tomatoes, cilantro, & onions topped with rock shrimp salad & whipped avocado


All brunch offerings are served with your choice of

bacon, local pork sausage patty, chicken sausage, OR Local creamy grits

Lunch sides also available after 11 am

Signature Saturday Drink Special

-61 Mimosa – Bloody Mary – Bloody “Maria”- $6