Here is a sneak peak of our fall dinner entrees…


Duck-confit leg, blackberry-Chinese tea sauce, braised chickpeas & persimmons

Bison-Carolina Bison flank steak, Korean hot mustard & pepper sauce, seaweed salad, grilled flatbread

Lamb-two cuts & preparations, Vietnamese Pho broth, rice noodles, herbs, lime  

Fish-pan roasted market filet, creamy Japanese white miso, pickled watermelon & local apple, green tea-nut grits

Veal-milk-fed tenderloin, Loudmouth oyster mushroom, moo-shu style sauce, wasabi mashed potatoes 

Seafood-Tom’s shrimp & bay scallops, Thai style coconut curry, Anson Mills crab rice soufflé

TroutHunan habanero honey-orange-almond glaze, red curry sweet potato mash

Chickenfried Springer Mtn. chicken breast, Indonesian ginger sauce, sautéed bok choy

PorkFarm Fresh crispy ribs, tamari glaze, East Asian green farro – edamame risotto                                                                                                        

Vegetable PlateChef’s choice of seasonal, local vegetables, & starch